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(Green) Bikinis and Boots

Monday, June 30th, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Eno River, NC

Yesterday, after another scorching day, we went to the Eno River at early evening, wearing bikinis and boots and with dogs in tow. Before long, we found a deep spot and jumped in. I found out herding dogs aren’t crazy about swimming, but will be happy to run along the water’s edge while you float downstream. By the time we got out, it was dusk, the sky was growing dark and rumbling. Only our boots made it back on for the hike back. The rain was loud and hard and wet.

It was the perfect mini-adventure.

Well, almost perfect. Those hiking boots and that bikini in the photo above, are both old eco-news. I wear my boots in rough and usually wet conditions daily, so I need durability, comfort and performance. With this kind of wear, I have been (somewhat guiltily) replacing them about every 3 years. I’m happy to learn that next time, I can find all those qualities from “going-green” companies like Patagonia and Timberland, which have several versions of outdoor boots, ranging from light to heavy duty. More recently entering the outdoor shoe scene, (always-have-been-green) Vegan Essentials has these rugged-looking hikers available.

As for the bikini – I haven’t worn out a swimsuit since my years of water-skiing and windsurfing. (I no longer waterski because of the fuel use and my windsurfing equipment went to a friend when I could no longer walk to a beach.) So, a new suit is not in my future. However, “window shopping” is still fun when the suits are sexy without being sinful. At least 5 designers are taking the plunge into green fabrics. There are even bikinis ala recycled plastic bottles by Aaron Chang and Faeries Dance.

Guys who like it wet, can go with quick-drying hemp trunks at Rawganic.

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