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Green Genius – Search and Share

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

Although I will never give up my thrift store shopping for necessities, luxuries and unique, or one-of-a-kind gifts, I do choose online shopping at my favorite sites for convenience and environmental reasons. Yet, once in awhile, I’m stumped about finding something so mainstream and conventional and unexciting that I just put it off even beginning a search. For instance, after purchasing a futon-style mattress made from recycled soda bottles from an independent store in NC, I’ve wanted to get a mattress pad/protector, oh, for about a year now! Somehow the idea of searching and comparing prices and any eco-options that may or may not exist was about as alluring as eating last year’s fruitcake (or this year’s for that matter).

So, I was thrilled to discover, a comparison shopping engine for green living, which has come to my shopping rescue. Two clicks took me to the best eco-value for the eco-bed – done! Green Genius links you to products, merchants and reviews while allowing you to browse or search by category, popular items, stores, and eco-status. I found the eco-status categories especially helpful with products ranked by eco-friendly, fair trade, organic, renewable, recyclable and eco-healthy status.

Green Genius does not charge merchants for listings which means everyone is invited – inclusive rather than exclusive. It also functions as an online community of social networking so you can get objective and complete feedback through reviews and discussion by your peers. You can even create your own lists. You can also use the site whether you join or not – a nice, no-pressure option.

Search and Green!

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