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Good Humans Make Lists

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Do you like lists? I do. A to-do list is like cliff notes to a good book, only the book is your life. Each time I look at my list, I’m reminded how much there is to do, to share and to be. Even if I don’t “do” everything on my list, the things that drop off most often lead me to another place, idea or action. Lists also help me remember the more mundane things that make up daily life, you know – chop wood, carry water – which is, of course, what brings balance to life and helps you stay humble.

And I like looking at other people’s lists, just in case there is something I haven’t thought of yet. (Ever found one in the street? You can’t help looking at it, right?)

I came across several lists today worth sharing. One is from my favorite eco-blogger, No Impact Man. He and I have both posted several green-minded lists over the last year – his new list of eco-steps is up to 40. He must like lists, too.

The other is a compilation of lists on Although this site is supposed to be known for being a family owned and operated leading retailer of environmentally responsible products, lists make up much of their site. They call their steps, “Guidelines” and cover every topic I could think of. Each section has a very long list since it is an interactive site where you can add your own, which is a cool idea since there’s always something someone hasn’t thought of yet. Or, maybe we have, but never wrote it down. Writing it down is always a good idea for humans like us because we tend to be not all that aware in the moment. I’ll tell you the topics so that you will be enticed to go visit soon:

Clothing, Education, Entertainment, Gardening, Government, Health, Household, Housing, Nature, Personal Finances, Pets, Relationships, Transportation, Travel. It’s interesting that the topic with the biggest list is “Relationships” – reaching 141 -  which must mean that the most important reminders we need are to be kind and realize that we are all in this together.

The lists don’t skip the obvious things, but I think it’s a good idea to write down things like, “Tip street performers, Let the cocktail waitress through the crowd, Wash and reuse the plastic cups after keg parties, and, Be nice all the time”, so that we remember that the little things really matter.

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