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Heirloom Grains – Historic Taste

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I have to tell you more about Anson Mills. Last night I ate a dish of Anson Mills Antebellum cornmeal – nothing like I’ved tasted or felt in my mouth before. Certainly not a “foodie” of any kind, yet I’m still thinking about it.

This goes beyond organic – Glenn Roberts, founder of Anson Mills in Columbia, South Carolina, had a bigger mission in mind – to grow, harvest and stone mill near extinct varieties of heirloom corn, rice and wheat. It all began in 1998 with a rare corn, frozen-milled with native granite mills. The taste and nutrients are preservedd with this original cold-milling process. Word first spread through renowned chefs in all parts of the U.S.. I was enthused by the idea of actually being able to consume a close-to-local grain, but the taste of everything I’ve ordered has blown my mind.

Anson Mills now offers grits, cornmeal, Carolina Gold Rice, graham and biscuit flours, Japanese Buckwheat, French Oats, Italian Farro and works with 30 organic growers in 6 states.

We’re rediscovering our health, sustainability, taste and Art in our foods. Another step to wholeness.

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