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Skin Care and Wholeness – Dr. Hauschka, biodynamics and thou

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I’m not really into many “bodycare” products. Perhaps it’s my overexposure over the years of employment at Whole Foods Markets, but if you haven’t noticed, it’s gotten crazy out there – the numerous brands and scents and specialty cleaners and creams and body washes – bottles and more plastic bottles – eek! Thanks anyway, but I’m happy with Dr. Bronner’s castille all-purpose liquid soap, a shampoo bar, my homemade tooth powder and some moisturizer to put on my face and hands.

But with all the choices, what is a good moisturizer? First and foremost, one without petroleum by-products and other chemical ingredients. Burts Bees is made with real food ingredients, so can’t go wrong there. But then I discovered Dr. Hauschka

Their philosophy of purity and ingredients grown and tended in harmony with nature (biodynamics) has been in place “long before the green trend began.” In fact, the company was founded in 1935 by Rudolf Hauschka, a Viennese chemist who developed natural remedies. It added skin care products in 1967. WALA, located in southern Germany, is the maker of Hauschka and is an acronym for Warmth and Ashes, Light and Ashes and based on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of anthroposophy, combining the spirtual world with human intellect.

The company is legally owned by the German public – a kind of co-operative – and cannot be sold. Profits support operations or go to the workers. (For more on Hauschka, see this NY Times article.)

I have to admit, there’s a magic to the products that I was skeptical about until I used them. I’m still not willing to line my shelf with bottles, but I can’t go a day without the moisturizer. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt in or on my skin before.

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