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Freeze Yer Buns with friends

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

I woke up this morning – still cold. I really wanted to get things toasty for 6am yoga practice, but everything about yesterday’s post reminded me to get over it and get with it. I closed the doors to practice space, turned on the space heater and got to work. If YOU need more inspiration/motivation to turn it down or off, visit and pledge to “Freeze Yer Buns” in 2010.

I loved this site – Deanna Duke, aka Crunchy Chicken,  is a girl in a Seattle – a lovely Leo – who is “putting the mental in environmental”.  The site is sincere but not so serious – plenty of wiggle room for wimps like me. She’s moving and shaking lots of enviro, health, and social issues on other blogs as well. I loved hearing from her readers, too. Grab some warmth any way you can. You sent some to me, Deanna – thanks!

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