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The Tao

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Tao, the young deer, died yesterday, in the loving care of her rescuers and  other fawns at the sanctuary. I am wistfully sad and believe more than ever that her name was not any kind of “tribute” to me for finding her, but a reminder that this is “The Way”. Thank you all for sharing the experience with me and sending love.

Kindra, Director at NC-Claws, sent these consoling and wise words:

“One thing I always have to tell people is that my job as a rehabber is to help animals along to the next phase of their life. The hardest part of this job is that sometimes that next phase is not life as we know it. Thankfully, I do not believe that animals have the fear of death – or even feel that it is not just an extension of life – as humans do. To them, it is just another way of being.

This excerpt from Animal Medicine Cards by David Carson  –

“Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings… Like the dappling of the Fawn’s coat, both the light and the dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those who are seeking peace.”

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