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Judaiasm on Death – and LIFE

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

The note below came from Phyllis Diehl, a loyal reader of the blog and you may recognize her from the many encouraging and insightful comments she leaves on this site. I’m lucky since I happen to have her in my family, too. Phyllis is a grandmother, but she is currently studying to prepare for her Bat Mitzvah. She has shared many wise and comforting throughts with me during my mother’s passing. Yesterday, she sent this:

Last year, my teacher last year spoke about the jewish perspective regarding death. When asked what Judiasm says of death, his response was, “NOT MUCH.”  After we got over the shock of his answer, he explained that G-D really wants us to concentrate on LIVING a life of responsiblity, purpose and acts
of kindness.

Later on, he went into more detail about going before G-D in death and seeking his judgement about the way you lived your life. Most of all, he wanted us to remember that LIFE IS THE IMPORTANT THING.

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