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O Christmas Tree (or not)

Monday, November 24th, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Snow fell the other morning – those big, fat, quiet flakes. There’s no denying Winter’s approach – or the onset of holiday cheer and conflict. Some of us process the holidays more than celebrate them, but love it or not, it’s part of our culture – part of our life.

Greening the holidays has not been so painful – in fact, I’m hearing more about the way people are remaking their experience into one that is more quiet and meaningful than they’ve previously known. Less eating, less stress, less buying yet more giving  – less being more has not been an elusive concept to grasp.

What is your biggest question this year when it comes to your holiday re-processing? Gifts? Food? Travel? Or is it to tree or not to tree? In my eco-infancy years, I opted for an organic farm-raised tree – it was beautiful but expensive and still something that I had to watch wither away in the end. The year of the ice storm brought the opportunity for a wealth of fallen boughs, put in pots in every corner of the house and yoga studio. The next year, I covered two old wooden rocking chairs with lights and homemade decorations. I chose an outdoor tree last year and covered it with edibles for wildlife.

The Cardboard Christmas Tree is here and it’s not only recycled, reusable and recyclable, but it’s bursting with creative potential for family and friends. The cut-out pieces are included, in a variety of holiday shapes – ready for your creative touch. And, you have to admit, it’s got that modern-chic look! The Cardboard Christmas Tree was designed and developed by Cloud Gate Design, a Chicago-based design house founded by two friends, Dan Green and Nick Ng.

The tree is shipped flat and profits from sales of The Cardboard Christmas Tree are donated to Trees for America, where for every dollar, a tree is planted in a damaged forest. Purchase here.

(Photo from Sustainable is Good)

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