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Shades of Green – Catalystic Living

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

We all know the green-speak of the times. It’s a user-friendly way of denoting our different lifestyles and commitments to the environment. It starts in one way or another – recycling, reusing, turning off the lights, turning down the heat, rethinking travel and commuting habits – but what keeps many of us strolling, washing or even dashing down the path towards more intensive methods of conservation?

It depends on your personality, making every path worthwhile and illuminating. For the analytical minds, it comes down to simple logic. Others are watching the savings of pennies and dollars add up. For parents, it’s a futuristic approach. Yuppies boil it down to “style” and attitude, the x-ers may find their greeness in a natural instinct to revolutionize while we pagans keep coming back to mama earth – the most literal treehuggers.

Then there’s the fun and happiness which seeps and creeps stealthily into your life when you start becoming more conscious, more aware, more deliberate in your life and relationships. That’s the one that keeps me going and growing, keeps me excited and hopeful for the future. And, most all of the changes I’ve made have brought more health to my body and mind – I feel strong, capable and “awake” and there’s not much else like that for helping you move through all parts of life – even the difficult ones.

So, don’t keep your deep dark green life to yourself – share the bliss! While at risk of being called, extreme or “carborexic”, most likely, you will inspire and motivate those around you. David Gershon, the author of “Low Carbon Diet” and founder of the Empowerment Institute says what we are doing “is fantastic, needed and catalytic.” We can show help others dwell in possibilities.

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