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How To Re-Imagine The World

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

This is the title of a book I’ve had for awhile. It was written by Anthony Weston, a Professor of Philosophy at Elon University, here in North Carolina. The moving images of the inauguration this week prompted me to start reading – something inside of me finally believes that anything and everything is possible. But I also know that President Obama needs our help on the local and community levels. The world has been in transformation even with everything working against it, so there’s no limit to what can happen now!

“This book How to Re-imagine the World a Pocket Guide for Practical Visionaries, outlines a way to step up to the challenge: the way of creativity.” You will find tools and techniques to re-invent the world and prepare for the future – specific, focused and shareable – and yes, CREATIVE and visionary.

An excerpt that speaks of what we just witnessed on Tuesday: “Deeply resistant in some directions, the system can also be surprisingly responsive in others. The world is a fluid, dynamic, intricately interconnected whole. Certain distinctive tipping points, vectors and dynamics emerge that make unexpected openings for creative change-making.”

Chapter titles like, “Seeds”, “Sparks”, “Stretches” and “Twists” and, yes, Chapter 21 is entitled, “Tao of Change” !! This one’s got the big and small pictures of a future that we can create together.

THE TAO OF CHANGE [the way of a better world]

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