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You’re Welcome. And I’m Sorry.


You’re Welcome. And I’m Sorry.


I finished teaching one of my yoga class sessions last week. As my small but dedicated group of students hugged and bestowed me with their appreciations upon leaving, i was, as usual, attempting to find some closing bit of motivational insight to share, some profoundly wise – or at least something adorably memorable to say in response. But, as the moments and smiles drifted by, i heard only two phrases echo in my head (neither or those wise or profound and definitely not adorable):


“You’re welcome. And i’m sorry.”


For days now, i’m trying to decipher this rather familiar, albeit internal, refrain. i realize quickly i am nothing if not a contradiction in terms. i simultaneously feel confident and filled with doubt. deeply happy and deeply disturbed. filled with hard-earned wisdom and equal amounts of blinding ignorance.


This is, really, no big surprise. Paradox IS the human condition. and i’m nothing if not infuriatingly human. Still, after being a teacher for over 2 decades, i wanted to know where this knee-jerk response was coming from.


So, i made a list (James Alchuter has taught me to love lists)


You’re welcome for:


my time

my commitment

my knowledge

my teaching experience

my authentic appreciation of your uniqueness

my sincere attempts at providing equal amounts of gravity and levity


I’m sorry for:


the rest of me.


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