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New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Locked Out in Brooklyn

New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down

Day 6 Brooklyn NYC –
i’m feeling rather schizophrenic since arriving in Green Point last week. enthused enough at moments to prompt a friend to query on facebook, “are you having a love affair with NYC?” and despairing enough at times for me to wonder, “wtf?”

NYC seems to exist in two realms and i have yet to understand how they fit together. more disturbing, my lack of understanding changes nothing. NYC is what it is. you can take it or leave it. not much middling available.

unless of course, you are one of the celebrated high-risers who have their cake and well, have more cake later.

by day 2, i stopped assuming i would get a glimpse of these people as i walked the gritty streets but knew that somehow they are part of the reason i’m here. and part of the reason i can’t stay.

amidst populated and seemingly endless yoga classes, ymca workouts, co-ed yet intense basketball games on asphalt courts, street joggers, leashed dogs who look completely accepting of their concrete jungle, a shocking number of new-borns in the arms of mothers with that blissed-out but slightly disheveled look, not as many bicycles as i imagined but a number of hipsters diligently giving it a go…yeah, amidst this and a lot more is a pervasive loneliness that dug deep into me by day 4.

A friend – with genuine NYC creds – calls it, “good ‘ol alienating urban environs”. but i think there’s more to it than that.

NY, i love you but you’re blowing my mind.

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