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Music in a New Age

Monday, May 30th, 2011

It would be impossible to name all of the bands that move me right now – we are seemingly within the influence of a madly musical Aquarian time.

The Age of Aquarius, though scientifically thought to be centuries away – popular theory maintains that we are currently within a transitory time carrying the influence of a new age experience which will usher in a group higher consciousness. Other ideas associated with Aquarius are a decline of religious influence (peace??) non-conformity, philanthropy and perseverance, which all sounds eerily and hopefully resonant.

If Artistic energy is any indication – and it always is – we are certainly rushing into a group consciousness. As the Elite Rock Star declines as a musical model, we’re moving towards a time of thousands of collaborative, real-life rock stars, indie and otherwise. Brothers, brothers and sisters, couples and bffs are playing together and not just seeking fame and fortune but moving through real lives that we can all relate to.

So, yes, I can’t help but spread my love around when it comes to the world of music. No longer looking to be star-struck, I feel more embedded within the energy of what’s not simply coming at me, but coming through me. It’s about the music. And also about a life that belongs to all of us.

“I AM LOVE” – the driving force in all of us.

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

This movie floored me. I don’t know that I’ll be the same after watching “I Am Love” last night. Or, maybe it’s that I’ve never felt more myself. Computer on our laps in the bedroom, I sat in a kind of electrified stupor as the credits rolled. We both did, Jerry and I, looking at each other without speaking.

The story is in some ways a classic melodrama, yet weaves in – with subtle mastery – a deeply emotional look at the lives of a wealthy Italian family, intelligent and functional, yet entrapped in tradition and pretense. But that’s not the point. Tilda Swinton both produced and took a starring role, and naturally and expertly serves as the driving force behind the message of the head and heart’s need for truth and identity.

Indeed, messages that we are ready for – waiting for – can often get stuck inside us, blocked by the usual stress-ridden events, thoughts and feelings. That inner knowing that directs us and charts not just a path to follow, but the passion that fuels us on our way – NO MATTER WHAT. It’s the, “no matter what” that makes us take a long look at just what the point of this movie is. If we “are love”, than there are really not so many choices to make, but only a life to be lived.

Love stories are usually irresistible to me, but this was so much more than that. This story isn’t as much about “true love” as it is about an acknowledgment of the “true self” and a commitment to whatever that means and brings.

Uniquely filmed, and scored with an unusual boldness, you will not just see or hear this film. You will feel it. And it will feel familiar. And it could change your life.

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