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Global Meditation with Deepak Chopra – love in action

I was in Nevada when Deepak Chopra scheduled his live broadcast, guiding everyone in a global meditation for Japan. I had taught a yoga class at a studio that week and found out they were going to join the meditation as a group on Monday night. I believe in the tools of Ayurveda  as well as the power of the collective consciousness. And, in his wisdom, Deepak reminds us that “Love without action is meaningless – and action without love is irrelevant”. But how could I act in this??

After days of feeling unable to do anything except donate $ to the rescue operations, I knew I would be at the studio on Monday night, participating in this silent meditation, perhaps and most likely joined by tens of thousands of other people all over the world. There was not much talking, but I get choked up even now recalling the energy of love and purpose in the room.

It was something.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    how beautiful to share prayers for the japanese people, this way……as i watch the news, and then i eat, laugh, read, and go around my daily life stuff, and then i say “how could i just exist?” i feel helpless at times, i share with you the sense of sadness, and the feeling of love. what a wonderful blessing it was for you to share with so many people. a life lesson……..who knows. but to care….feel….love….this is what makes uf people.

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