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It began several years ago, with Green Yoga in San Francisco, when a timely shift in the Western yoga culture towards Seva — awareness of and commitment to, service and compassion to others and the world was born. Or reborn, if you think about it. With studio after studio opening up, and yogis competing and preening for the best-dressed and most bendable, more like-minded practitioners around the country and the world began to wake up and smell the incense.

Yoga in the West was losing its roots, its perspective and its integrity. But yoga provides nothing if not awareness and the practice of yoga, no matter how scarred and dented by a wayward culture, will eventually bring truth and a return to balance.

In partnership with the Engage Network, an organization founded by teacher, Seane Corn – is asking yogis from all walks of life to get “Off the Mat and into the World“. After my 14 years teaching and practicing, I can’t think of anything that rings more true. Yoga is not about the yoga itself – it is a practice for the real thing – Life. What happens on the mat is simply a training ground for your real goals, both inside and outside yourself.

I can’t reconcile the many recent chaos taking lives and livelihood, but I can keep moving through a practice of awareness, acceptance, compassion – AND ACTION. We can be peacefully determined warriors for a common good. Whether you are a teacher, a practitioner, or simply inspired and interested, let the mission begin.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    love this article, and your words, you again remind me of hope, caring, doing, and being in LIFE.

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