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At Life’s Intersection

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

“We love Jesus but you done learned a lot from Satan”

This line from a recent music video release, “Devil in a New Dress“,  by Kanye West made me smile and made me think.

Just where and how do our spiritual lives and our earth-bound lives intersect? If our human nature is goddess/nature-given, as I believe, is life all about what we learn from our struggle to overcome this ego/survival-driven force?

We are born concerned with our survival needs – nourishment, shelter and protection, innate energies held in the first chakra center at the base of the spine. As we grow up, we learn about our emotional needs – our desires and other emotional reactions, we become the center of our own universe. At some point, around puberty perhaps, we tap into our power center at the navel, and learn what makes us feel in control or in charge or in other ways significant. All these energies are connected to and triggered by our innate human nature and when kept in a healthy balance, they move us along and keep us alive and well as we navigate our earthly adventures.

Then comes the real work as we become adults  – we move into a place of “higher consciousness”, the place that holds the compassion of the heart center, and the actions we put into place through our expression (throat chakra). During this time, the battle begins between our human nature and what we could call our more divine nature – also innate, I believe, but more complex  – a place tangled up in blue, as it goes.

Fortunately, there are two more steps to take up the ladder of conscious living, places where we can look inward for answers (third eye) and a place where we can find a sense of truth or “knowing” energy at the crown chakra. In this way, we navigate the waters of emotion, desires, needs, and actions and continue on the rocky path of life and living.

And maybe this is how it is all meant to be – a devil in a new dress.

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