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What I Learned in Rehab

No, I haven’t been in rehab, but a lot of people have and well, there’s a lot to learn from those who have been forced themselves into sobriety. I recently found a book of Rolling Stone Interviews from the 80’s at a used book store and well, rehab is not a hard to find topic then, or now.

I never knew much about Robin William’s life or addictions, but something he said made me think. Robin Williams cleaned up over 20 years ago. When he was asked if he now had peace of mind, he says no, he will never be the person to say he “is now one with himself”, adding that to get there, “you’d have to be fucking dead, okay?”

Hmmm, he could be right. Authenticity and integrity trump most of our talents, skills and good fortune when it comes to a good life story, but peace of mind is simply not a worldly truth — although I firmly believe that peaceful moments are hopefully available to us on a regular basis. The mind was not meant to be peaceful. It was meant to create. And anyone who has done so, artistically or otherwise, knows that’s not a regular part of the formula.

We have a lot of tools to momentarily detach from the suffering we endure on this planet, but as humans, we are inevitably drawn back into  navigating the drama and chaos of life. We do some yoga, eat well, exercise, make friends, care for our families, fall in and out of love, hopefully find meaningful work and purpose and then, do the best we can with the rest. And when I stop expecting my mind to be free of painful thoughts, somehow, those thoughts are somehow not quite so painful.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    your words are very intereting. i have been searching for “peace” to let go of the past….and think of good things and the future, and building a life of meaning. i couldn’t build a good life, until i reched the “peace” part…….thank you for sharing.

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