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The Tao of Keef

I can see Keith Richards writing his memoir, Life, at his kitchen table in CT, with a big smile on his face. I didn’t expect to be pulled into someone’s thoughts and stories about a life so different than mine, but here I am, enjoying each more than slightly ridiculous scene and preamble. Why? Because he can actually write and he has a way of letting us know that he takes it all not so seriously and that, overall, he had more “Life” in his life than most of us put together.

Part of this has to be true since he claims that for years he slept only two nights out of each week. He doesn’t exalt his drug use, nor does he glorify his decision to clean up from the hard stuff. His life was one of the times and he used it proliferously.

What he does take seriously, then and now, is being real, friendships and family, although even this he presents in a pure, honest but ordinary way, something available to all of us. In a Rolling Stone interview back in the 80’s, he said, “The thing about this life is you have to know yourself and then be real about it.” Adding, “That’s why I’m alive.” (That and the admission that he comes from “sturdy stock”, lucky bastard.)

Keith is a good role model for beating addiction without abstinence (he still smokes, smokes, and enjoys alcohol) but you could call him a professional, meaning I wouldn’t try this at home.

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