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For the Love of….”banding together”

Live From Daryl’s House. This web show rocks all warm and fuzzy but doesn’t fall the least bit short of professionalism and talent.  I was led there through my current favorite music business/analysis blog, the

As the young and new names fill the reviews and news, older musicians aren’t sitting around whining about it. Daryl Hall, at 60-something, is touring with John Oates, making a solo album and producing this show, (and fits in a little historic house renovation on the side) and well, seems like one of the happiest, most relaxed guys on the planet. He is so obviously doing all of this for love of the music and everything it brings together and gives away.

But back to Daryl’s house, because this is where I want to be right now. It is an New York war-era renovation of two houses – now connected- and a non-ostentatious, inviting display of warmth and creative artistry. I really really want to live in this house or at least be one of the frequent visitors. It oozes a “come together” vibe, only without the drugs. And the music? Daryl is widely known as one of the best singers of his generation and is still well-received at shows as recently as Austin’s South by Southwest, 2008. He reaches far and wide into the music world on this webcast by inviting and playing with some of the best new and old performers including Jose Feliciano, Train, and Neon Trees. I’ve watched several episodes already and I can almost taste the chili on the stove and since when did wool sweaters become cool?

This whole deal is cool and makes me think of Beck’s, The Record Club sessions, and the rise of the “supergroup.” The Age of Aquarius is certainly upon us. It’s a time to band together, you might say.

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  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Reminds me of intimate concert @ Lincoln Theatre last year. John McLaughlin, many ‘Oldtimers” from the Miles Davis era, along with current virtuosi, in a 2 evening concert. Audience demographics from us baby boomers to young enthusiasts, in a completely instrumental jazz showcase. You should have been there. {^/^} <3

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