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Breaking Up is Hard to do.

The White Stripes announced their official break-up this month. Ouch. They will live on musically for a long while and be recognized and remembered for their unique ability to draw us into their world, where nothing else matters but the moment and the music. Still, I was often mesmerized by their live sound and Jack’s fury, unmatched in some ways in his follow-up bands, The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, both consummate rock bands. If you’re not sure what I mean, watch this.

Jack and Meg have a history, of course, part of which is best left to mystery. This could explain just what was possible with two people on a musical stage – one coyly covert, and one full of obvious and desperate abandon in the process. Jack says his guitars are old and out of tune, but are “ferocious”.

Of course, Jack’s presence will only grow through his record label, his vinyl store, his bands and his other collaborations of muse and music. Meg’s path remains undercover, a different and just as important model to all who really pay attention.

Perhaps breaking up is really breaking out. Thank you White Stripes.

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