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LOVE and Pillow Fights

There was a Flash Mob pillow fight in Asheville on Monday. Ironically, they called it an Anti-Valentine’s Day event. It looked like a blast and there was not one person not smiling, whether they were swinging away with a pillow or looking on. This is kind of love I like to celebrate every day – one with relevant irrelevance and expressed with joyful abandon. One that involves a little pain, a letting go of control, and a good bop on the head.

It reminded me of the scene in I Heart Huckabees ( a movie that expertly explores existentialism and nihilism) where Jason Swartzman’s and Mark Walhberg’s characters are taking turns hitting each other with a rubber ball to find truth:

Tommy Corn: [after being hit in the face with a rubber ball] Awesome! Can we do the ball thing everyday?
Caterine Vauban: Don’t call it the ball thing. Call it pure being.
Tommy Corn: Okay… so can we do the pure being ball thing everyday?
Yeah, let’s ditch the Hallmark cards (all that paper destroys a lot of trees, anyway). Love is messy and big and without boundaries, moves in all directions. It takes strength and weakness. It knocks you around all that is logical. Kind of like a good pillow fight. It’s everything “Valentine’s Day” is not. I get it. Thanks Asheville.

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