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Jump To Flow

After yoga class last night, I started thinking about flow. And I was still thinking about this idea from yesterday  – about the necessary bringing forth of genius and I decided that the two things are similar in that you need to find your flow to express your genius. Or do you need to find your genius to flow? I’m not sure but I do know that without both of these things, life can hit a really dull place, though sometimes that place feels busy, so you have to be careful because being busy is not the same as flow – and filling your head with thoughts and writing facebook posts is not the same as genius, although most flowing geniuses do have a Facebook page.

Anyway, I was reading and watching these short films from one of this flowing genius people and he was asked how he began this process and he said he just jumped right in and that it was all he ever wanted to do and he didn’t go to film school and of course, it’s obvious that genius does not really need film school and this kind of realization is inspiring in some cases.

Jumping in is also a bit like jumping off – there’s a ton of resistance to the whole idea and it makes you wonder just what you’re doing on this cliff anyway. Jump. Whatever you lose along the way, you probably no longer needed.

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