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We Are Awesome

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Holy Fuck. oops. Can I legally say that on a blog? And is “holy fuck” an oxymoron or a simple truth? I save that kind of thing for specifically warranted moments, that’s all I could do when watching this viral online video, “People are Awesome“.

If you ever doubt our human potential, watch this video. If you want to be inspired to take on what seems impossible, watch this video. If you want to remember just why we’re on this planet anyway, watch this video. If you want to have your mind and heart blown open, watch this video. If you simply want a chance to say, “holy fuck” then watch this video.

Jump To Flow

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

After yoga class last night, I started thinking about flow. And I was still thinking about this idea from yesterday  – about the necessary bringing forth of genius and I decided that the two things are similar in that you need to find your flow to express your genius. Or do you need to find your genius to flow? I’m not sure but I do know that without both of these things, life can hit a really dull place, though sometimes that place feels busy, so you have to be careful because being busy is not the same as flow – and filling your head with thoughts and writing facebook posts is not the same as genius, although most flowing geniuses do have a Facebook page.

Anyway, I was reading and watching these short films from one of this flowing genius people and he was asked how he began this process and he said he just jumped right in and that it was all he ever wanted to do and he didn’t go to film school and of course, it’s obvious that genius does not really need film school and this kind of realization is inspiring in some cases.

Jumping in is also a bit like jumping off – there’s a ton of resistance to the whole idea and it makes you wonder just what you’re doing on this cliff anyway. Jump. Whatever you lose along the way, you probably no longer needed.

The Well of Genius

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

“If you do not bring forth the genius within you, it will destroy you. If you do bring forth the genius within you, it will free you.” ËœJesus Christ, the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas

If this were a FaceBook post, I would “Like” this. It’s one of those things that is so true that it makes you feel both hopeful and hopeless at the same time. Hopeful because, quite often, I can do and think and say things that make me feel genius and I’m in that zone I call, Wow, and it’s a place and time that I like a lot.

But reading this makes me feel Hopeless, too, because of the other times where I feel like Timmy trapped in a deep dark well. I don’t know why that image just came to me, except that I used to care for two really gallant and smart and tall Collies who lived with me and we walked around my neighborhood each day and invariably, someone would drive by, roll down the window and yell something about Timmy, a well, and Lassie. It always made me feel like I had just been rescued from a deep, dark place.

Then there is the whole idea of what and how genius trapped inside of you destroys you and just what part of you becomes destroyed and how when the destroying begins, it’s usually so slow and quiet that you don’t catch on until your body begins to either nag at you with something physically painful, or you one day notice that there is no ground under your feet, but you are walking on air, which is usually meant as a metaphor for being extremely happy, but that is just a trick because if you don’t have your feel on the ground, you are addicted to something unworldly that has mostly to do with your ego and that is just a whole bag of trouble waiting to happen.

Getting back to the hopeful part, because after all, intention is everything I like to say to my yoga students (I know, I don’t really sound like a typical yoga teacher, but really I kinda am good at all of it because I really understand what it’s like in the well and that maybe the well is necessary in some way). The hopeful part is that digging into the genius inside of you does really make you free. In yoga terms, it would be called being “liberated” from those things that drag you down, like fear, anger, doubt, etc.. I don’t know if you can be human and not have these things lurking inside, but, when you are “bringing forth” your genius, I think it keeps your mind off of it.

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