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Back on the Horse…Bear…Bird…

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Well, I said to myself today, so, I’m back on the horse with this writing thing and then this whole idea of getting back on the horse makes me think of Band of Horses, and Sparklehorse, and all the other bands that are using animals in their names recently and how I read, and mostly believe, that the animals – yes the same ones we are ignoring,  abusing, and sometimes eating – will be part of the salvation of the human race. You know, if we’d only listen. “Animals can communicate quite well.  And they do.  And generally speaking, they are ignored.”  ~Alice Walker said that. It’s too bad because I think they have a lot to tell us.

But back to band names. So, think about it. There have always been animals in band names: The Birds, The Scorpions, The Animals, The Monkees…..but recently, it’s gone a bit crazy and I’m not the only one noticing though I may be one of the few who sees it as not so much annoying as a a welcome omen and not just a trend, or if it is a trend, than can we consider the reason trends happen in the first place? They happen because we, as a culture, are being drawn to something.  And it can show up in obvious or not so obvious way. This trend, well, I think it’s mostly obvious and that could be a good thing.

The mostly widely referenced animals in newer band names are Bears, Horses, and Birds. Here’s a pretty good long list. So, if you speak the language of animal medicine, you’ll find that among other things, bears symbolize the need for using “intuition, stillness, self-sufficiency and dreams”, birds tell us to pay attention to “beauty, love and the importance of unity and community” and horses are about “freedom, endurance, and cooperation in overcoming obstacles”.  All pretty general ideas, but if you look past the cliches, it is really part of what we need to pay attention to if we want to change the shit going on out there. Which makes me also consider the band names, Shit Horse, and Fucked Up.  But that’s a whole other story.

Many of these bands sing about images and ideas of nature and that makes me kind of happy, too. I like the fact that animals and nature are both getting more good press these days and that we – in many ways a “Fucked Up” culture – are being passed some subliminal messages that we can’t ignore or stop since they are subliminal.

Maybe we’ll start listening to the animals and see what they have to say about all the bad Shit and how to change it. That would be cool since sometimes, I just run out of ideas. Coincidentally, or not, when that happens, I just want to listen to music.

Something to think about…..

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