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Brooklyn, NY – The good, bad and ironic

Me and CreatoDestructo spent the weekend in Brooklyn, NY. In the neighborhood of Williamsburg, to be exact. Not to be confused with one of the 90 or so other neighborhoods that span an area which would outsize most of the 50 states. Brooklyn sort of swallows you.

We spent most of our time on foot but covered a good 15 miles. So, what did I love about Brooklyn? The street art, the thrift stores, the many local venues and vendors, the enthusiastic people, the hostel where we stayed, the food, the dog park, and oh – the irony.

Across the street from Saturday’s farmer’s market, I ate a locally raised beef hot dog wrapped in local bacon with local cheese (I know what you’re thinking — but it was amazing, really!) from Urban Rustic, a “farm to market” cafe and grocery, followed by a raw juice made from a blend of seasonal veggies. Ahhh

The dog park was next to the market – lots of shade and lots of dogs. There are mostly really small, purebred dogs living in Brooklyn, which I guess makes sense, given the density of living spaces, but it made me envision shelters somewhere on the outskirts, overflowing with big, beautiful – and very lonely – half-breeds.

The hostel was super clean and neat, with really cozy shared living spaces — both the guests and staff were especially friendly, as hipsters tend to be. I also met people from Germany and Australia. Heads up, though, BYO bath towel or be ready to rent one, and there will be bar noise outside your bedroom window most of the night.

Back on the streets, I walked past what appeared to be a big open industrial garage and saw a group of people sprinting up and down a long driveway – relay style. It made me think of middle school gym class. The sign said “Brooklyn Barbell Club”. If I lived in Brooklyn, I’d probably sign up.

What did not like about Brooklyn? Well, a lot less than I loved, but mostly The TRASH (which was everywhere), THE TRAFFIC (there were lots of parked bicycles, but not as many actually being ridden), the noise, and oh – the irony.



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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    well, i was waiting for a brooklyn story…..and yu did not disappoint me……tell me more!

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