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I saw these words on a store window in Minneapolis over the weekend. The phrase landed in my head with a jolt of understanding. It hit me in the moment I needed to know: Our individual feelings and thoughts are really made up of many pieces — full of energy — and they are in a constant state of “rearrangement”. I don’t think the feelings or thoughts ever leave or even change, they just shift focus, spread out or pull in.

And if you let this happen by relying on that quiet inner voice, it can be interesting, intriguing and full of wisdom. The true inner voice – the one that knows more than your ego – is both quiet and persistent. It rarely, if ever, is attached to “because”, but just IS. It is both powerful and powerless. It asks you to be aware and attentive and creative — and to remain detached from outcomes.

It’s not a perfect system, to be certain. But we humans, and everything else on the planet, are only perfect within the constrains of our innate and inherent imperfections. Wabi Sabi. Perfectly imperfect.

Pay attention. Listen. Roll with it. Do your imperfect best.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    as usual, i thank you for sharing this profound thought. i am “mulling” all this over. thanks….again, for being such a good teacher, with your wisdom

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