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I Do Not Want These

Ok, well – all 28 bones (27 for me, I’m missing one sesamoid bone) and 20 muscles in my feet want them, but I feel more than slightly ridiculous at the thought of wearing  these sock-like, shoe thingies.

But, science is science, especially when it’s logical and aligns with everything I know about feet and movement. And, as a yoga teacher and a trail runner, I know quite a bit in that regard. And, I have funny feet with really high arches. Yoga keeps them strong enough, but I can’t deny that the idea of running and hiking ALMOST barefoot really sounds exhilarating as well as possibly the missing fitness link for not only my feet, but the rest of my legs and core.

The bottom line is, your feet need to move within their full ROM to stay mobile and strong. And they set the stage for the rest of your body to be the same way. I often tell my yoga students that one of the worst things that happened to our feet in the modern world, is really really really good shoes — meaning those with a support system that, in essence, does the work for you. Bare is better.

If you want to know more about the shoe-less shoe technology and your body, go to I did and then gave in to a pair of these. They immediately felt comfortable on a hiking trail – no breaking in necessary. I could feel the gravel and stones through the bottom – sometimes not so comfortably, but in the end, the soles of my feet only felt more “awake” – a little like a massage.

But, I still don’t want these. They look ridiculous.

In fact, they make me crave the really high pair of heels sitting in my closet.

Form or function? I guess it’s all about balance.

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3 Responses to “I Do Not Want These”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    can a person who does’nt run in the woods? or hike mountains? wear those shoes.

  2. Roger Hartsell Says:

    We’ll call you “flipper.”

  3. Casey Says:

    I have to disagree on this one Tracey. My eastern doc recommended this for a severe foot problem I have and they have made me walk more upright, back arched and on my ball and alleviated pain. I sleep better at night too!

    Great for the beach. Great to run in, just watch out for rocks and pebbles.

    A bit pricey but if it helps it is worth it. I will say though they seem to be a huge fad down here but I do not care-they work!


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