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This weekend hosts our area’s Great Unleashing of Transition Chapel Hill-Carrboro – a sort of Grand Opening of our area’s TransitionTowns initiative, part of a network of hundreds of local, grass-roots groups taking Change towards a more sustainable community into their own hands.

The day-long event will serve as a presentation and discussion of ideas and visions of what we can do in our own backyards, our own homes and businesses to jump-start a movement towards lower-energy consumption, even more support for local goods and services, and in general, more connection to the issues of sustainability in an accessible way.

This group had me at hello. And I admire the way they have maintained momentum while I’ve been busy (indulging in some new obsessions). Yes, I want to hear and see and feel this collective energy towards Change. I’m looking forward to hearing from Duke’s Professor of Ecology, as well as gathering motivation and information from some of our city’s leaders on all levels.

But, I also admit that part of me still has whatever fever the planets have placed upon us this year. Part of me wants to just head to the beach or the woods for the weekend. Or, simply mull on things a little more over a latte, instead. Oh, yeah, the beach…the woods…fair-trade, organic coffee…that’s what this is all about. Let’s get on with it then. Thanks for all your work, Transitioners.

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