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My good friend and former roommate (and occasional contributor to this blog), Greg Gillette, now lives across the country, so we don’t talk as often as we should. Yet, he still knows me in one of those ways that can’t be explained in earthly terms. He always seems to share something that says just the right thing at just the right time. Below is what arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I have a sense that many of the Tao of Change readers will relate to it, too. Let me know.

Tracey, Do you ever feel like this?

The stranger in a strange land observes and ponders;
Feels a longing to go home, yet knows he is here for a meaningful purpose.
Battles the pull of wanting to leave and the desire to make a difference here.
Struggles with mankind’s lack of conscious and strong desire for material wealth;
Yet feels empathy for all beings, as the stranger was once very unconscious for many years
and the stranger battled and still does with the dark forces of materialism and the shallow thoughts of
“mundane nothingness.”

The stranger longs for truth, love, and connection: concepts that most are not seeking.
The stranger feels, at time, a sense of despair and hopelessness for this strange land.
And other times, the stranger is fully able to laugh at this strange land and its occupants.
The stranger battles, ponders, reflects and thinks: inner, outer, physical, spiritual, hope, despair.
The stranger is not alone as the stranger knows many other strangers feeling and thinking as the stranger feels and thinks.

Strange things are stirring for the stranger in a strange land.


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  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Yes, stranger.

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