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Go and Do That.

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

A good friend sent this quote out this morning to myself and a few other friends. (Thank you Carter!) It’s another example of going on a search and finding messages everywhere. I’ve been searching for more of this very thing. I believe I’ve always lived this way, but I also believe that that thing inside you changes and evolves over time. It’s important to understand that and pay attention to what the messages are telling us.

Our inner and outer lives move in cycles, just like the rest of nature, so we either go with the flow or get stuck in the mud.

I am committed to and thrilled by the ever-increasing opportunities moving into our world to live more sustainably, more holistically and more happily. And I do believe that one begets the other. But I’ve reached a point when I need to go in my head and heart and hang out for awhile in a creative space that lives separately from the outer work. There’s inner work that provides that aliveness. It’s important for all of us to find it and to “go and do that.”

So, I’m going to talk less directly about being green (for now) and more about being alive. About Inspiration. Motivation. Contemplation. Liberation. What makes you come alive?

2 Responses to “Go and Do That.”

  1. donna Says:

    What makes me come alive is connecting to the “real” — nature, animals, people who are authentic and being themselves. Gardening, eating real food, being in the moment. As to the inner work, Tao Te Ching, good music, poetry, blogging, journaling, art, etc…

  2. phyllisdiehl Says:

    i am so looking forward to reading your blog more then ever. this is an exciting new idea to write about. hope readers like Donna will share. thank you for bringing these very thoughtful and inspirational topics to me and others.

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