a boots-on-the-ground view of the change that's a-foot —– washing in cold water saves 80% of energy use

Little things, little things, right? We can and should keep moving forward towards less energy use and less CO2 emissions individually, collectively, and as consumers. So, caught my attention. As in, “I do 30degrees C when I use a washing machine – the cold setting. I’ve been doing this for years, but I didn’t know that I was saving a LOT of energy use. Almost 80% of the energy use of a washing machine comes from heating the water. Wow. Get everyone on board and that’s some math equation.

Did you know:

Enzymes have been used to improve the cleaning efficiency of detergents for more than 35 years, and are now well accepted as ingredients in powder and liquid detergents, stain removers/laundry pre-spotters, automatic dishwashing detergents and industrial/institutional cleaning products. Industrial/Institutional Detergents Industrial and institutional laundries have traditionally used strongly alkaline detergents and high temperature washing. However, because of increasing wastewater treatment and energy costs, many industrial and institutional laundries have opted to use enzyme-containing detergents as an effective means of reducing costs and maintaining cleaning performance at lower temperatures and alkalinity.

35 years? Where have I been? This information needs to spread faster and farther. So many people still assume they need to use hot water to get things clean. Join the group on Facebook or just pass on the info. to friends.

Yep, this group is sponsored by an enzyme company called, NOVOZYMES. But, you know, it needs to come from the source and bringing consumers and other environmental organizations into the loop is more than fine by me.

In fact, they’re not hard-selling because I couldn’t figure out where/how to buy their products or what to look for in my current detergents. If anyone else has luck, let me know?


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  1. Thilde Says:

    Dear Tao of Change

    Thank you so much for writing about I do 30 and supporting the campaign. We’re really happy that people like you write about it and help spread the message. And you’re absolutely right: the information needs to spread faster and farther. With your help we can save a lot of co2 :)

    As you write in your post I do 30 is sponsored by Danish company Novozymes who produce enzymes. And the enzymes make it possible to get laundry clean at lower degrees. You can’t buy Novozymes’ products directly, but you can buy washing detergent that work at low temperatures. It will say on the package. All Novozymes wants to do with the campaign is to spread awareness about the possibility of saving co2 by washing at lower temperatures. The detergent you’re already using might be perfect.

    Thank you for joining us on Facebook. See you there :)

    Thilde, Denmark

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