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Dog Waste DYI Composter – super E-Z

I’ve written here before about the Doggie Dooley composting system, but now that I’ve moved, I’m back to poop-scooping (in gmo-corn-free biobags) and throwing poop out with the trash. Yes, that’s better than allowing it to wash into streams or storm-drains, but still not an optimal environmental choice. I’m thrilled that I came across the super easy dog waste compost system on  Dig a hole ! Yep, simple as that – here’s how to do it – or go to the site for more detailed instructions.

Sharon Slack’s Dog Waste Composter

About 15 years ago, I dug a hole in the back of my ornamental garden, away from my food crops. The hole is about 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep, and is covered with a plastic lid from an old compost bin. I empty my dog’s waste in the pit every day so that it will break down as compost.

Occasionally I add Septo-Bac, an enzyme-active biological compound formulated to increase the digestion rate of sewage.

I haven’t had to empty the hole for over 6 years. When I did empty it, I dug a hole under some nearby shrubs, put the nearly composted waste in and covered it with soil.

Next time I empty it, I will line the sides of the pit with 1/2 inch hardware cloth because my soil is very sandy and tends to cave in a bit.

I am also starting to add some chopped yard waste (green and brown) to hasten the process. The finished dog waste compost can be used on ornamentals, but not on food crops. Dog waste is not allowed in garbage bins, so this alternative has served me well.

Thanks for the tip, Sharon. I’ll be out in my yard with a shovel this weekend! Tao


2 Responses to “Dog Waste DYI Composter – super E-Z”

  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Then why can’t we manage our own poop so easily? There seems to be a “taboo'” or yuk factor when it comes to human waste. Why can’t we put our own solids into this type of system, instead of flushing it away to never-never land. We handle our pets, and our babies and toddlers poop with love, why not our own.
    Everything needs to go back to nature. A commercial composting toilet, or even a redux of the the outhouse would seem appropriate. How does your garden grow?
    Saw a piece on green funerals last night. Now that’s the ticket!

  2. tao Says:

    You will love this post, citing an article on this topic:

    and this story on “Shit Theology”:

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