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Not a Creature was stirring…..NEW GREEN PEST CONTROL!

A friend of mine has mice in her house – a lot of them. Her landlord’s only suggestion was traps, which she declined. Besides being cruel, poison and traps don’t control an ongoing issue. But mice in your house, those scurrying noises at night, finding bites taken out of the fruit on your counter can all be very disconcerting. So, I was really feeling for her, yet had absolutely no ideas for solving the problem.

As it often happens, the next day, my latest edition of Living Green online magazine newsletter arrived in my mailbox with a new, effective and humane technology for keeping pests and rodents away from your living space.

It turns out that, “Sound and ultrasound devices can drive off small rodents like mice, squirrels and raccoons, and common nuisance birds such as gulls, crows and pigeons. A variety of electronic repellers are available, both sonic and ultrasonic, that target specific pests.” How cool! There’s also the Bugchaser and bird control for balconies/roofs. Some sounds are silent to humans while others are natural sounds that blend into the environment.

For gardens, they also pictured a 3D image of a stalking coyote, but I’m afraid that’s a little too spooky for me – and most likely my pets – I’ll stick with a scarecrow!

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4 Responses to “Not a Creature was stirring…..NEW GREEN PEST CONTROL!”

  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Get a cat!!!!

  2. tao Says:

    Yep, most cats do good work in the indoor pest department and there are many beauties waiting at your local shelter right now! Don’t forget they also need good food, good care and lots of unconditional love!

  3. georgios Says:

    I haven’t had great luck with the sound-repellers. Sometimes they just don’t work, and sometimes they’ll work for a while until the mice get used to them. I use mechanical traps (no poison cause it gets into the ecosystem or glue traps because they’ll trap anything including snakes/spiders that would be eating pests) and then I feed the dead mice to my chickens, who then process it into nice eggs for me and nice fertilizer for the garden.

  4. tao Says:

    oh, that’s disappointing about the sound devices, but not too surprising once I think about it. Probably worth a try and then add in some other ideas. I agree – no glue or poisen!!
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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