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I woke up this morning – still cold. I really wanted to get things toasty for 6am yoga practice, but everything about yesterday’s post reminded me to get over it and get with it. I closed the doors to practice space, turned on the space heater and got to work. If YOU need more inspiration/motivation to turn it down or off, visit and pledge to “Freeze Yer Buns” in 2010.

I loved this site – Deanna Duke, aka Crunchy Chicken,   is a girl in a Seattle – a lovely Leo – who is “putting the mental in environmental”.  The site is sincere but not so serious – plenty of wiggle room for wimps like me. She’s moving and shaking lots of enviro, health, and social issues on other blogs as well. I loved hearing from her readers, too. Grab some warmth any way you can. You sent some to me, Deanna – thanks!

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  1. carter Says:

    I believe that I was seasoned appropriately in my youth having grown up in an uninsulated home built in 1734 in Piedmont Virginia. Why, with electric base board heat, highly ineffective to say the least and rarely allowed to be turned on, there was only one thing to do: get over it and live! The bathroom had its special heating privileges since it accommodated 4 females and the kitchen had a wood stove with added electric heat. Also, in the kitchen, 2 dachsunds sat on their hind legs with their fore legs hovering on the electric heat; that was the sad part. Those unrealistic temperature shifts and “norms” in winter and summer (think grocery store AC) are so unhealthy; not only the physical aspect, but also the mental which will add to the effects of the prior… I love feeling and knowing what nature has in store for the day; part of being closer to it.

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