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by Tao, Carrboro, NC

While the case against BPA plastics keeps growing, the many sources of it continue to be revealed. While many of us have stopped storing or heating leftovers in plastic containers, switched to stainless steel drinking bottles, not many have considered the plastic lining in canned foods. Yep, the same stuff in our plastic water bottles – BPA – a hormone-disrupting chemical that has been shown to damage our cardiovascular system, reproductive system, cause cancer, diabetes, obesity, and disrupt fetal development.

Unfortunately, even reputable companies offering organic products have not yet addressed this issue. There are only 3 known companies to have eliminated BPA from their cans – Vital Choice, EcoFish and Native Forest Organic. That leaves a LOT of this toxic chemical out there in our food supply, in our bodies and in the environment.

While the evidence mounts, showing especially dire effects from BPA on infants and children, companies making related products are scrambling to take out the BPA of their bottles, cups, and pacifiers (pacifiers???! – ouch). CA legislature is considering a bill to officially ban this chemical in kids products. Progress on this matter is encouraging, yet there is the inevitable stall-out in the food industry, both in the search for alternatives and the fact that companies like CocaCola are lobbying hard against any interference in their manufacturing process.

Once again, it’s up to us as consumers to call the shots and turn the tide. Eating fresh is best, but when you can’t avoid otherwise, buy only canned goods labeled BPA-free, contact your favorite food companies and request their compliance. You can keep up on news and info. at Bisphenol A Free Portal.

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  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Didn’t see any other responses here. Julia gave us Stainless steel water bottles for Christmas. I agree, eating fresh is best. There should be, ideally no need for “canned” items. Incredible that infant and child items contain harmful compounds. Legislation helps, education is better.
    I can’t even fathom the amount of plastic bottles being sent to Haiti, so complaining about BPA seems trite, in that respect. When we went to Haiti, 2 years ago, the open storm drains were clogged with plastic soda bottles, and one or two lone people burning them in an open 55-gallon drum, sending up a plume of toxic black smoke. Bottles were actually being graded into land, where homes were to be built.
    It’s quite a dilemma. A sad disparity between here, and there.

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