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by Tao

Now that the dust – both literal and metaphorical – of my recent relocating experience has begun to settle, I’ve felt a kind of clearing. It’s true, I suppose – Destruction before Creation. I definitely feel parts of me and my life “destroyed: and I can feel that there’s some new space in my body, mind and heart – unblocked some wasted stuff. Now what?

I’ve been asking myself that all week  – it’s an interesting thing to try that – visit wholeheartedly and without fear, your toughest personal questions – just ask and listen, over and over. At first the voice you hear responding will be faint and blurry, but if you pay attention diligently, you will eventually sift through to some valuable answers.

For me, I’m hearing a long-buried call towards renewing my Creative/artistic self and using it towards my growth and somehow link it to what’s out there, too…part of “being the change”. What form or muse it takes doesn’t really matter – I’ll have mine and you’ll have yours – but I do believe it’s a missing link in my activist goals.

As always, w/o coincidence, my friend forwarded this link to me this morning, from

Craftivism is a way of looking at life where voicing opinions through creativity makes your voice stronger, your compassion deeper & your quest for justice more infinite.

Craftivism is the practice of engaged creativity, especially regarding political or social causes. By using their creative energy to help make the world a better place, craftivists help bring about positive change via personalized activism. Craftivism allows practitioners to customize their particular skills to address particular causes.

Craftivism is an idea whose time has come. Given the states of materialism and mass production, the rise of feminism, and the time spanned from the Industrial Revolution, the beginning of the 21st century was the right time for the evolution of such an idea. Instead of being a number in a march or mass protest, craftivists apply their creativity toward making a difference one person at a time.”

(there’s a lot more good stuff on this page – go here to read.)

Reading About Betsy Greer got me excited – art and activism are pieces of the same puzzle!!! And, the first blog post I found shared a really incredible story of a “badass knitter” who was beyond inspiring. I’m moved. I’m moving. Forward. Towards more life. Towards more change. I’m grateful for the inspiring people helping me on this journey.

Ask your questions. Grow. Go. Now is the time.

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