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Everything is an opportunity for growth and learning – absolutely everything. Sometimes it stares you in the face and other times you have to look a bit deeper for it, but it’s there. What did I learn last night as I climbed into my attic several times, after 24 hours of rain, to stuff towels around my leaking chimney – ?

That I could do it. That yoga has kept me agile and strong and balanced enough to crawl/walk/wiggle through rafters, under and over duct work. That I could keep perspective in the face of frustration and worry. That I am more capable than I think, and that friends and even strangers are willing to help you, even if it is the middle of the night.

I learned that it’s possible to summon our inner super-hero when we need it – and that people do talk out loud to themselves in challenging moments. l actually heard myself say, “I have to handle this. I have no choice.”

And, well, I did. It wasn’t exactly fun but it was engaging and absorbing when figuring out the problem and oddly satisfying once things were resolving.

This made me think of the “leaks” we are finding in our systems and habits and how much we resist summoning our super-hero powers, even when the long-term consequences are dire (a lot worse than a soggy ceiling). When confronted with the problems and presented with more sustainable, albeit less convenient, choices – some that may require some bending and twisting, I would love to hear all of us say…

“We have to handle this. We have no choice.”


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  1. roger hartsell Says:

    My take on this rainy week. Reminds me of the power of nature over our illusion of power. Our yards are subtly flooded, traffic is brought to a standstill. trees fall, and disrupt electricity, and in the worst case, fall on cars and take the lives of totally random, innocent people. Our moods are influenced by inability to pursue outside pleasures. and lack of sunlight. The forces of nature, as water created enormous canyons, historic floodplains as rich farming resources. and keep our socks damp and yucky. Today, hopefully the sun will be our friend again, and lift our spirits. may the sun shine on YOUR face today.

  2. phyllisdiehl Says:

    dear super-hero…..hey its going to be sunny….love you, super-hero….always remember i am here for you. loved your runner, he is the coolest

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