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If you’ve been one of my devoted blog visitors, you know that the moving process has kept me more offline  than online lately. Although I acknowledge the necessity of stepping away from the computer screen on a regular and consistent basis–the truth is, too much time away has left me mostly feeling less connected to what I care about. I miss the daily gathering of information from sources outside my small world. I’m continually inspired by the sites taking action for social, political and environmental causes.

Of course,   I’ve also posted on my blog less – which made me feel a bit guilty – but more importantly, I had also stopped reading the other blogs I normally follow and that has left an even bigger void, though I’m not sure how I can explain that, except to say that it reminds me when I was a windsurfer, stuck on shore, watching the other riders catch waves…

If you’re not careful, the internet can suck your time dry, but if you exercise balance in it, you’ll find old friends, new friends and a way of community….and you’ll keep learning new things. Today, as I was finally catching up on posts of my beloved fellow green bloggers, I discovered that I even missed Blog Action Day on October 15th. Sad, since there’s nothing that revs me up more than being reminded and inspired of all of the things we can do in our daily lives to make ourselves and the planet healthier. I’ve listed a lot of them, but Alison over at DiamondCutLife gave me a new idea for winter warming, here – and i almost missed it! (Thanks for your recent comment on my blog, supporting my journey, Alison!)

Today I also took time to visit again with Beth over at FakePlasticFish. She shared thoughts about “wanting stuff” (something my Yoga Integration class talked about recently), citing another of my fave online reads, NoImpactMan , and although I use lots of baking soda for cleaning, I learned several new ideas on this topic from her post here.

My new home space is coming together slowly, but I’m ready for another type of homecoming tomorrow on Thanksgiving Day. And although I acknowledge that there is always the danger of too much of a good thing (computer screens, included), I value my online community and confirm the importance of learning and sharing the thoughts, encouragement and ideas that we need to ignite change.

Gratitude to everyone putting energy into being here!


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