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Local Theater Beats the Odds

Community places  can survive the odds.

Most towns and cities have or had them – the small, neighborhood movie theater – with the old-style, worn, but comfy seats. Often located near a college, they are the first to show art-house and independent flicks (and continuing late-night Rocky Horror Picture Show). You know, the place with the best tasting popcorn.

With only 1 – 3 screens, these movie-houses struggle against the super-sized multi-plexes at strip malls. Despite their charm and convenient locations for both pedestrian traffic and transportation, these cultural and historical centers are quickly fading into the limelight.

Our own Varsity Theater, near UNC Chapel Hill, closed back in June for financial reasons. But another local couple put their passion into the project, did some research with local residents and will re-open the 80-year old theater in November with a slightly different business model in place. Paul and Susan Shareshian said they want to do this because, “it’s the right thing to do for the community.”

The show must go on, indeed.

2 Responses to “Local Theater Beats the Odds”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    hooray for your home town north raleigh we have the colony. downtown it the rialto. now you guys have to support them.

  2. chrisuy Says:

    Will definitely be supporting Varsity when they open back up. Hope they’ll still show a few indie flicks, though.

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