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Music and Arts Festivals Spread Love and Inspiration

Music and arts festivals are popping up all over the country. Here in NC, there are at least 5 each year. They happen both in Spring and Fall. Despite trying to get moved, we spent the weekend at Shakori Hills a couple weeks ago. It gets better every year – both musically, sustainably and energetically. Another sign that something is growing and shifting in our culture that is feeding more creative and authentic spirit.

Music and art has always been apart of every culture, since the beginning. We can’t deny it’s importance or it’s influence. At festivals, you experience these things along with sharing food, dancing, and sleeping under the stars. It moves us, wakes us up and calms us down.

My good friend and blog contributor was at LEAF festival near Asheville, NC this month. Here’s his experience:

By Greg Gillette, Asheville, NC

The highlight of the LEAF festival was the Sustainable Health Lecture given by a woman at one of
the healing arts tents. There were 8 of us and we started by doing a native
american movement to honor the spirt and the four directions. We then sat by the
fire, in a  circle and paired up. ( a woman and man) We did various exercises
and rotated to a new partner after each exercise. One exercise we traced the
aura of our partner with our hands. Another one we spoke about our deepest
challenge with each other. Other ones were as follows: We asked to have a
certain part of our bodies to be massaged; we told our partner what one thing
represented our biggest contributor toward sustainable health; we stood back to
back and rubbed each other’s back with our back; we thought of a healing touch
we remembered as a child and asked our partner to perform this touch; we stared
into each other’s eyes and sensed the spirit in our partner. We ended with a
song while walking in a circle, holding hands.

Here are the words to the song:

“Bring your love, bring your gratitude, bring your heart, bring your soul”
“Sisters, gather round, feel the magic, touch the ground”
“Bring your love, bring your gratitude, bring your heart, bring your soul”
“Brothers, gather round, feel the magic, touch the ground”
It was a very beautiful gathering, where love, respect, gratitude and communication were in full bloom.

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