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BALLE Births LocalMotive in Carrboro

by Tao, Carrboro, NC

It started with BALLE – The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, a national network of local, living economies, bringing together small business leaders, economic development professionals, government officials, social innovators, and community leaders to support and build local enconomies in cities and towns of all size. And economies that are community-based, tend to be more green, and fair. The areas of focus are becoming a familiar refrain – moving all communities towards sustainable agriculture – including local and urban farms – independent retail, zero-waste management and green building. Local initiatives encourage citizen involvement, empowerment and enthusiasm – part of the equation in distressed times.

Carrboro’s movers and shakers – you know, those kind people who are determined to get things done and give over their time, energy and knowledge to do it – have done just that. Local Motive is a newly formed group for local business owners, community leaders, and citizens. In an effort to organize and create a collective voice on issues facing local businesses, A group that can give independent businesses a network, building on current resources, to provide guidance and support to existing as well as new locally owned businesses.

Are you a mover and shaker? Find a network in your area here. Not on the list? Grab a neighbor and get motivated. Want to hear more? Check out Bill McKibbens book, Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future.

3 Responses to “BALLE Births LocalMotive in Carrboro”

  1. Jolly ROger Says:

    As usual, Carrboro is ahead of the curve. A piece of this process could be a cross-reference data base of services and products with providers and entrepreneurs looking to fill those gaps. Do we really need another coffee shop? What’s missing? Who can do it? Who is out there looking for those opportunities?
    Carrboro is a unique, cohesive community; it’s hard to imagine this model working in a larger city, with entrenched governing bodies, and citizens that are minimally involved.


  2. chelsea bay wills Says:

    ah yes – Bill McKibben! do you know about his organization the big INTERNATIONAL DAY OF CLIMATE ACTION on October 24th, 2009? My community in Traverse City, MI has taken a stand to join in the movement on Oct 24th- and spreading the word…. yeah!!

  3. Michael Maher Says:

    we’ve made some progress over the past few weeks, we’ve got a facebook page, a website, and have a great meeting tomorrow on October 26th at 7pm in Panzanella – come out and say hello.

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