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Green Your Friends – it’s ok, really!

Should we, could we, is it really ok to ask your friends/family to be more Green? As we discover new ways of conservation and create new habits in our daily lives, it is a natural desire to want to share this information and inspiration with the people close to us. It’s not about judging, it’s about creating hope for the future and shedding light on some things that are not only simple, but feel so good in the long run. Well, if I’ve ever hesitated to speak out before, I won’t again – here’s why:

Hi, Tracey (and Jerry),
Thanks for a wonderful evening. It was so great to see you and get caught up on your recent adventures.

Tracey, I had a small epiphany this morning that I want to share. This is probably more information than you’d want to know about me, but here goes…

Anne, my ex-wife, is an obsessive recycler…much to her credit. I’ve been recycling for many years, ever since West Hurley (the little Hudson Valley town where I lived for almost forty years) instituted a serious recycling program. But I never progressed as far as using non-disposable shopping bags. Anne did; she had a veritable armada of cloth bags, and I was unenlightened enough to be bugged when a checkout person had to reset a scanner to allow for the weight of the bag…plus the aggravation of schlepping the cloth bags everywhere when we went out. I just never got with the program of cloth bags.

So I’ve been a chronic offender, consuming and disposing of countless plastic bags for no good reason. Pretty pitiful, right?

That has all changed now. My sweet Tracey and my dear Jerry gave me a cloth bag, and now I will
use it every chance I get…because it’s the right thing to do…and partly because even though I’m a slow study sometimes, I am educable…and mainly because I’m honoring two people whom I love!
Thanks, you two…for being such a wonderful and joyous part of my life.

Much love,


3 Responses to “Green Your Friends – it’s ok, really!”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    thanks chuck for your remarks, i think sometimes that this blog goes to the green group. but, as we can see it does go to people like you and me that are learning and trying to do better. and even an old dog can learn new tricks. good for you to get on with the program.

    p.s. thanks trace for giving chuck the spotlight today

  2. Sami Says:

    “…if I’ve ever hesitated to speak out before…”

    Really – hesitated? Is this the same TAO we are talking about…? 😉

  3. Jolly ROger Says:

    Absolutely, Green your friends. My mother-in-law, who would not consider herself an environmentalist, does separate trash from recyclables, and has recently acquired a few cloth bags.
    We should give kudos to public and private waste management organizations for supporting recycling programs, when it may not be a cash crop for them. I’ll have to research that. There usually has to be a “what do I get out of it,” before resources are budgeted for recycling. Check out you local city’s recycling “do’s” and “don’t.”

    Go a step “further.” Green you enemies? or strangers, at least. Wear a t-shirt, for recycling, as a ice breaker. Carry recycling info cards, or printed material to hand out, like you might hand out your business card. Recycling IS our business. If you find you have a surplus of bags, give them to others. Make some bags. By all means, avoid plastic bag. At least paper bags can be recycled, or re-used, or shredded into compost.

    The ultimate recycle? Recycle yourself!!! Consider cremation!!! Your material can go into a special place, a garden, into the air or water.

    Thanks to Tracey for speaking out. We all have to power and responsibility to speak out also, so the messages can be echoed – frequently, strongly, passionately, and exponentially.

    Challenge for this week. Buy 5 bags from HT or Weaver St., and give them away!!! Cheap bags are ubiquitous.

    TAKE ACTION!!!!!

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