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Reco jeans – Woody and Alanis hook up to do it cheap and used

By Tao Oliveto

In the developed world, blue jeans are part of our common language. Most of us want them and wear them. They may change shapes from time to time, but there is still a sort of jean “code” out there. Little do we know (or care), blue jeans are not the most eco-friendly garment in the fashion industry. Besides being made of pesticide-ridden cotton, the dyeing, distressing and other treatments use chemicals we really prefer not to think about…

I get a lot of my jeans at the thrift stores where I live, but the most fashionable styles are not always available there. So, I gave in to buying two pairs of “skinnys” at Urban Outfitters recently. Guilty as charged, but I have to say that I love to wear these – they are super-comfortable and don’t get caught in my bicycle chain. I had searched for some organic cotton alternatives, but did not find much out there and when I did – they were priced around $200.

Alas, little did I know that there’s the something exciting happening in the world of denim. Woody Harrelson and Alanis Morissette are partnering to create Reco Jeans – a line of eco-friendly jeans made from recycled denim, “A fabric so interesting it is currently being studied by a prestigious university as an option to aid change for the environment and eliminate waste within the garment industry.” Even the tags are made from recycled paper, they reuse all scraps and excess threads in the manufacturing process and they are working on making every step, including dyeing, more sustainable and eco-friendly,

This is Woody and Alanis we’re talking about, so as I suspected, these jeans are fashion-competitive and there will soon be a wide variety of styles available. The styles, in true Woody aloha style, will be named after endangered plants and flowers.

The price? This part is probably most cool. The retail price is being determined through a “Dutch Auction” process where bids are collected (without an asking price) online for a month and the average bid – what the public is willing to pay for awesome, eco-friendly jeans – will become the retail price. If you want to get in on the bidding, go here – it closes this Saturday, July 18th.

One Response to “Reco jeans – Woody and Alanis hook up to do it cheap and used”

  1. Roger Hartsell Says:

    Granted, jeans, since Elvis and James Dean, and since the 70’s, TIGHT jeans, have been a staple in men’s and women’s wardrobes. Tight jeans have been linked to vaginal irritation and yeast infections. The same for tight, synthetic underwear and any “wet clothing,” bathing suits, etc. even exercise clothing.

    And, granted, nothing complements the derrierre like jeans, and in the case of Robert Plant, the the Led Zep. heyday…

    I’m sure Woody and Alanis will succeed in this, but I go for comfort and utility any day instead of name recognition and style. I have been making my own pants, mostly from linen, loose fitting, drawstring or elastic waist band, from one basic pattern, add pockets as needed, and going “commando” make for the most comfy pants I’ve ever worn. I can buy organic, un-dyed linen or hemp, on-line.
    At this time, 90% of my wardrobe, is either from goodwill, thrift-store, hand-made, or freebie t-shirts & stuff. The rest is like shoes & stuff,

    Naming an item for a plant or animal, is cool, but do any of the proceeds go to animal rights or endangered species organizations? These guys have enough money.

    Obviously, I’m playing devil’s advocate, and I love Alanis’ music, but as far as clothing, simpler, is better. Naked is better!!!

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