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I’m still watching and being here in a Vermont town of about 9, 000 people. And, I’m more and more struck by the happiness I find in simpler living, smaller and more aware choices of what we think we need to have and buy, both on a daily basis and in the bigger picture of life.

This article, in the Miami Herald, is yet another testament to what you can find as an individual and/or as a family when you wake and look beyond the supposed “American Dream”. Read it and Reap.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    i feel that home is where there is love…..i could live anywhere if i shared it with people that i love, i am different than you in the way i see a homeplace. its always the people more than the place. when i moved to raleigh, i wasn’t homesick for my neighborhood. i was homesick for the people that i left.

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