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Animal Healing – no miracles required

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

Remember when my dog, River, was healed by an Animal Intuitive and Healer? I called it magic, but now I realize that this is a gift that comes directly from our connection to the Universal healing energy and I’m so happy that there are people with both this gift and knowledge for and about the animals in our lives.

This time, my cat, Sufi, showed up at the door, limping heavily. There were no signs of trauma or life-threatening injury, but she was way off kilter – sort of disconnected. Fortunately, she did not seem in pain since she was able to jump on the counter to ask for dinner, so I took a deep breath and decided to call Bonnie Illies, Animal Intuitive and Healer, in Minneapolis before I considered urgent care.

I’m so glad I did!!

As usual, Bonnie wanted to check in with Sufi before I gave her any information. She came back on the line, telling me that a problem in her hip/back showed up, as well as an issue with her pancreas. We talked about her symptoms. I also remembered to tell her that Sufi always had a “click” in her right hip from the time I found her and I wondered if this was a time, at age 10, where a malformed hip finally gave out – ? I had been feverently searching the internet for information before the phone call. I started obsessing about the cause of the problem, but as Bonnie reminded me, somewhat emphatically, “I don’t really care what it is, I care about healing her.”

Then she asked me some questions about her digestion….and I answered, yes, Sufi has had a habit of vomiting right after eating for almost 4 years now, something vets had always told me not to be concerned with. Yes, I fed her wet food that was refrigerated. Bonnie shared a lot of information about what could be aggravating the condition of her pancreas – things I never had heard from vets or read in books.

Bonnie did a healing that day and another a couple days later.

Well, the hip improved dramatically, despite what sounded possibly like an organic issue. I haven’t felt it “click” since, either. But, even more importantly, I found out something I never would have known or looked into – that a weakened pancreas was making it difficult for her to digest raw and cold foods and absorb nutrients. After the healing, I started warming her food and switched to the specific meats that Bonnie suggested.

Sufi has not thrown up since – 4 weeks later. She also seems more content and is eating a lot more without gaining too much weight. When I told Bonnie this, she pointed out that she probably didn’t feel well for a long time because of bad digestion and wasn’t absorbing what she needed. I always thought the vomiting problem was simply an inconvenience for me, but now that I know Sufi is healthier and feeling better, too, I am thrilled. I’m also very relieved that her hip displacement is healed and will not require surgery or drugs now or in the future.

I’m a believer. There exists a very real energy of healing. Thank you Bonnie, for sharing your important talent.

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  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    so glad that sufi, is doing well. i am not surprised that bonnie helped your cat. i am a true believe in healting, and what the king of the universal can do. thanks for sharing your cat story. sufi, is so fortunate to have you as her “mom” go sufi…glad you feel better

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