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Electric Bike Shop comes to town – Cycle9 enhances the commute

by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I love change. I’ve always seemed to thrive on it – I’ve lived in 6 states, 16 different towns and in something close to 28 different residences since I turned 18yo. This meant I sometimes picked up and moved twice in one year, but most of the time, I manage to “be here now” – my curious habit of home hopping is just history to me. But sometimes I enjoy looking back and seeing my evolution.

Take cycling. While living in Seattle and Minneapolis, I rode a lot – but it was all recreational and/or “training”. I loved the zone of pedaling and scheduled it in as exercise and fun. These days, it would almost seem odd to me to simply ride around, going nowhere, when I can ride every day to get where I need to go. I went from a die-hard recreational/competitive cyclist to a bicycle commuter. I think I’m having more fun now, I’m just as fit, and I have more time left over for other things.

So, the idea of electric bikes is a big thrill for me because it will make bicycle commutes more accessible for everyone – including me when I need to face longer rides for work – like the one I’m planning back and forth across town on my Raleigh days. (I also faced a lot of big hills in Seattle!) With electric assist, I’ll cover the miles with less sweat and in less time – making this a reasonable proposition.

Cycle 9 moved into town, promoting Electric pre-made bicycles and add-on Hub Motor kits for any bike. This is super cool to me – a lightweight, low maintenance electric assist motor with a battery that recharges while you brake or coast. I can average about 20mph and get the equivalent of over 2000mpg. No more hill hell when I’m trying to get somewhere on time and, no more excuses!

Cycle9 is owned and operated by Elise and Morgan. They specialize in cargo, folding and electric bicycles and offer full repair service. Thanks Cycle 9, for coming to the rescue of those of us who don’t know enough about the options in bicycling commuting. Now we can all ride like the wind!

4 Responses to “Electric Bike Shop comes to town – Cycle9 enhances the commute”

  1. phyllisdiehl Says:

    don’t know too much about bikes. i know about hills, and hills are great, when you are going down..whee……………………hope you are staying put now, so, i can enjoy your evolving personality

  2. Roger Hartsell Says:

    I think my bike is in ok shape for summer. Thought many times about electrifying it. It’s mainly for fun and exercise at this point. And Greensboro is way spread out and dangerous for biking.
    What I need is a JOB to commute TO>!!!

    Jolly Roger

  3. tao Says:

    Thanks for the enthusiasm~~ Tao

  4. Morgan Says:

    Hi Tao,
    Thanks for the mention of our shop! I also want to mention, not only do we focus on electric bikes, but also cargo/kid carrying bikes. The latest in the shop is the Madsen, which can carry up to four kids plus groceries in a bucket on the back. We’ll soon be posting some pictures on our website, but in the meantime you can see more at We have a rental available to try out (either with or without electric).

    I wanted to respond to Roger, just to mention that I feel safer on my electric bike on busy roads, because I integrate with traffic better by keeping up a higher speed, and accelerating faster. There are some rides I will do on my electric bike, that I wouldn’t do on my road bike, even though I’ve done quite a bit of regular road bike riding (and some racing).

    But I do wish that the roads in this area had wider shoulders, that would help everyone.

    Ride Your Bike More,
    Morgan from

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