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I received this really important information recently regarding contaminated peanuts in commercial bird food, which is killing birds in NC and in other parts of the country. I don’t have bird feeders, but if you do, please read the below and pass it on to anyone you know who puts out bird food. It’s extra sad that this is happening in Spring, when chicks are being born. Tao

“Recently, I’ve noticed sick and dying birds in my yard. Yesterday there was a report of hundreds of dead birds in Southern Pines. The state investigated  this matter today and found that a brand of bird food contained peanuts contaminated peanuts from the plant in Georgia. Only one brand has been identified, but given there are so many sick and dying birds in my yard and I don’t use this kind of food, I suspect there are other brands involved. Below is the text of the story from WRAL.

If you have birds seed that contains peanuts, take it out of your feeders or take down those feeders and call the companies where you bought them and ask them to call the bird food company to assure that the seed is not contaminated. This is nationwide, so, make sure your bird food is safe even if you don’t live in NC.

“RALEIGH, N.C. — State inspectors determined Tuesday that samples of Wild Birds Unlimited bird food tested positive for salmonella, prompting the Kentucky-based manufacturer to issue a recall. Burkmann Feeds is recalling 20-pound packages of Wild Birds Unlimited Wildlife Blend bird food with the manufacturing date code of 81132200 2916 08124. The food is sold exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited Stores.

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services began investigating reports of dead wild birds across the state, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said. State inspectors are working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to identify the source of the contamination at Burkmann Feeds.
Consumers were urged to discard the contaminated bird food and avoid touching it with their hands. Anyone who handles the bird food should wash their hands thoroughly, officials said.

In January, the FDA ordered a nationwide recall of peanut products linked to a Georgia plant after a salmonella outbreak killed eight people and sickened hundreds more.”

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  1. Joyce Says:

    I live in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario and we are seeing the same thing happening here. It is also happening in Wawa, Ontario where many citizens are finding many dead birds in their yards. Our feed was a premium wild bird finch seed with the words on the package, “May contain traces of nuts” As soon as this food was put our 4 birds were found dead within 2 days. We heard about the Samonella and emptied the seed and thoroughly washed the container and put our plan old sunflower seeds and no more dead birds in our yard. The feed was bought at Canadian Tire store.

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