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By Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

I’ll say it first – Change strengthens “coupledom”. Think about it. When you’re considering changing your diet, your consumption, your health habits or any other part of your lifestyle, there’s nothing like having a little support. Or, like sharing ideas. Or, like giving/receiving recognition. And there’s nothing like hugging it out in the end.

A blogging trend has been growing lately – one that revolves around couples who are sharing their ideas and experience in making changes towards a more sustainable way to live on the planet. I enjoy these “green” blogs because they share not just information, but perspective from and between two people working towards the same goals.

Maybe I’m digging a bit deep, but I can almost “hear” these couples becoming more connected, more open towards each other and more happy. I can also recognize the enthusiasm and commitment towards their plans as well as a light-heartedness in it all. I admit that I’m more inspired by the everyday green folks than millionaire celebrities, but this list of eco-couples and activists from is love-worthy.

And couples who green and tell tend to attract more couples who are willingly spilling their green. On the blogroll at, I found my way to similar partners, like The Middle Way, The Tucker Times and Little Green Family.

In my own relationship, we are often throwing around new ideas and possibilities for greening our lifestyle, and always acknowledging the other for accomplishments. After all, in my book – rising at 4:30am to practice yoga, then bicycling in the dark to work (recently in 25 degree temps) deserves a big shout-out (yep, Jerry does that 5 days/week). Me, the yoga teacher, sleeps in a bit later than that, but I admit that seeing how ridiculously happy he is doing this has prompted me to rise earlier myself. You want more (and possibly more sane) reasons to find green in your romance? Check out this post on

You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to ‘share the green love’. Got an eco-curious friend or roommate who can be your 12-step buddy towards change? Even sharing the composting/recycling/conservation duties can cast a silver lining on any living arrangement.

Change through and with Love~


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