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by Tao Oliveto, Carrboro, NC

This one got me – ok, I admit it, most of them get me….stories of unlikely love and caring. Stories like a mother dog nursing orphaned infant squirrels, a cat befriending a mouse and carrying him around on his back, swans falling in love with sailboats, and recently, the unbelievably touching reunion of Christian the lion and the two men who rescued, then raised him in London before releasing him in his homeland.

I usually cry, then laugh, then feel a little more hopeful for the rest of the day. If you need a day like this, here’s another one for you. Two inseparable friends at an Elephant sanctuary – a stray dog and an elephant. The dog becomes paralyzed and the elephant stands vigil during his recovery, stroking him with his trunk and even rubbing his belly with one really, really big foot. See it on CBS news here.

Remember to LOVE in UNLIKELY ways.

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  1. Don Tucker Says:


    I saw the Christian the Lion story and nearly teared up telling my wife about it. The elephant story was beautiful too. Thanks for sharing …


  2. tao Says:

    Yeah, the animals…..much to learn from them. Thanks for joining me in it. Namaste Don! Tao

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